Domestic Violence

If any family member, co-habitant, girlfriend/boyfriend, or angry ex calls the cops on you, you've got a problem. Any allegation of Harassment, Threats, Vandalism, Stalking, Trespass, Lewdness or Assault will result in the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order Against you. You will have no right defend against the issuance of that Order.

The TRO will:

  1. Prohibit you from returning to your home.
  2. Prohibit you from having any contact with your accuser and family members.
  3. Require you to continue paying household bills and temporary support.
  4. Require the police to seize your weapons and firearm identification card.

In addition to defending any underlying criminal charge, you will have the opportunity to defend against the issuance of a Final Restraining Order in a separate proceeding. The issuance of an FRO is permanent. If granted, it will continue the conditions of the TRO indefinitely. It will result in your inclusion in a domestic violence central registry databank. It will also forever bar you from possessing an FID or any firearms.

Often the charge of domestic violence results from an angry argument, breakup, or an attempt to gain advantage in a nasty divorce. The FRO requires a preponderance of proof of every element of the underlying offense. Don't let your divorce attorney try to defend you.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, and former prosecutor, Mr. Pintaro is best able to defeat the issuance of a Final Restraining Order by attacking the sufficiency of proof of the underlying allegation. Set up an appointment today to get the strong defense you need.