Juvenile Court

Anyone under the age of 18 at the time of an alleged offense will be charged on a delinquency complaint in the Juvenile Court System.

Although the underlying offenses are criminal code violations, Juvenile Court has many unique procedures that are entirely different from adult criminal court. Hiring a criminal lawyer who lacks experience in the unique procedures of the Juvenile Court is not in the best interest of your child. Over the course of his career, Mr. Pintaro has both prosecuted and defended juvenile court defendants charged as delinquents with all forms of criminal code violations.

A bad result in juvenile court can have lasting and devastating effects on your child's future. A juvenile over 14 may be subject to waiver and prosecution as an adult criminal. Within the juvenile system incarceration in a State institution, County Detention facility, or home detention may result. Several options for placement, supervision, diversion, and services are available in Juvenile Court.

An adjudication of delinquency can affect your child's future. It can render your child unacceptable for educational opportunities. It may render your child ineligible for certain jobs including military service, law enforcement, teaching, or other public employment.

Don't compound your child's bad choice with one of your own. Hire a qualified juvenile court lawyer who can make the difference to your child's future. Hire someone with the special knowledge and experience to keep your child from being waived to adult court, and to achieve the best possible disposition for your child. Contact our office today.