Defending Your Innocence And Protecting Your Rights After A Sex Charge

Being accused of and charged with a sex crime is a life-changing experience. Depending on the type of charge, a conviction could result in large fines and decades in prison. After serving your time, you face constant government oversight as part of the sex offender registry program. Even without a conviction you may lose your job and face public scrutiny from acquaintances, friends and family members who doubt your innocence.

Prosecutors and police are highly trained in the law. They have one goal when pursuing your case: to obtain a guilty verdict. At Hendrickson & Edelstein, we level the playing field.

From our offices in Lakewood and Barnegat, New Jersey, we provide strong, effective defense to clients throughout Ocean County and Monmouth County who are facing sex crime charges, such as:

  • Rape, including statutory rape and date rape
  • Enticement of a child or child molestation
  • Child pornography possession or distribution
  • Prostitution or solicitation
  • Other Internet-related sex crimes
  • Lewdness or indecent exposure

A Former Prosecutor Working On Your Side

Sex offenses are serious criminal charges. At Hendrickson & Edelstein, we have the skills and experience to protect your rights. Our firm defends clients against everything from disorderly persons offenses in municipal court, to indictable offenses in state court. We have also handled sex crime cases at the federal level.

Attorney Louis A. Pintaro has been working in criminal law for over 20 years. He began his career as an Assistant Prosecutor at the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office for 10 years. He knows what the prosecution needs to prove to secure a guilty verdict, and he knows how to poke holes in their cases.

Get Legal Help Now

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